Scientific-research department

 In this field, the Institute is considered as a system which runs investigations and confirms collaborations. Scientific-degrees of professors and teachers in Institute are below:

- Academics, Professors – 13

- Professors, Scientific nominates – 8

- Professors – 13

- Scientific-candidates, Docents - 27

- Docents – 18

- Scientific-candidates, Teachers – 5

- Lecturers – 51

- Teachers – 98

Total*: 233 professor and teachers

Scientific ability - 37%

    The Institute scientific-pedagogue researchers have implemented so many scientific projects, and achieved good results. Nowadays, we are carrying on three practical projects. These are:

- G. Kholukolov’s “Using Modern Communicative Technologies to Interpret Characters of a Hero in Scene Works ”

- S. N. Yuldashev’s “Creating educational multimedia and CD disk of Uzbek National Folklore Arts and Culture”

Moreover, one of the young scientists and doctorates are also inserted to these projects.

Conference and seminars

    Under UzSIAC, Scientific-practical conference of professors and teachers, are being held in every year.  Conference and Seminars which are held by Republic and Institutional Scale, helping professors and teachers to work on themselves, to proceed the tradition of “Teacher and his Follower”, and helping students to improve interests on studying. The seminars of young professors and magister are becoming scientific traditions, as well. Conference materials are being published as a collection, in turn.

    Furthermore, scientific-practical seminars are being held in different themes, in the cathedras, in every month.

    Preparing professors in this field

    Nowadays, Academic researchers are taught in UzSIAC. In the last 5 years, four candidate-thesis and a doctorate nominate have been defended.

    “Ijodiy-Parvoz” student newspaper is run in the Institute. In the newspaper, Sc and practical articles of professors and teachers, are published, life of Institute, as well.

    The basic specialty directions of Sc and practical works in UzSIAC are below:

- 17.00.01 – Art of Theatre

- 17.00.03 – Art of Cinema. Television

- 13.00.05 – Method of Study: Social Science

    Preparing scientific-pedagogic personnel

    Preparing Scientific and Sc-pedagogic personnel is confirmed – the next educational level of high education. Volunteers for scientific-degrees are prepared through the high scientific nominate researchers Institute and Department Analysis.

    High educational scientific researchers Institute is founded to teach high qualified scientific and high scientific-pedagogic personnel, high educational institution or scientific analysis institutional which owns modern scientific-investigation base, moreover, to achieve to manage independent scientific, pedagogic and educational works in the high standards.