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   Department of  International Relations is formed to arrange relationship between  foreign scientific centers, to learn modern technology and use it in education process, to send students and teachers abroad on purpose to exchange experience in prestige foreign institutions.

The main activities of the Department of International Relations UzSIAC:

• Coordinating with foreign educational institutions and partners in the development of relations in the field of art, culture, science and education;

• Preparation of draft agreements on cooperation with foreign educational institutions;

• The organization of measures to implement the conclusion of agreements, contracts and agreements at the international level;

• organization of targeted meetings of foreign delegations and training programs for their admission and stay in the institution;

• Organization of creative meetings and master - classes for students with invited foreign еxperts;

• Provide departments and the formation of the Institute on the activities of diplomatic missions, international organizations and foundations, accredited in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of education, science and culture, as well as other opportunities for international cooperation;

• In conjunction with the departments of the institute impairment of teachers, experts and students language skills for the planned activities abroad (education, training, retraining, professional development, professional practice;)

• Facilitating the participation of the faculty and students of the institute in international conferences, competitions, festivals and other scientific - creative activities;

• Search for information on grants, scholarships, new programs and projects via the Internet;

• Preparation of information about the international activities of the Institute for the site UzSIAC;

    The goal of department is to develop relationship and help to prepare staff  according to skills of the world at institute. The main function of department is to improve relationship in the field of art and culture abroad and send students to different international festivals.

   The students  participate  in international festivals that take place in different foreign counties and take honourable places. Such kind of events provide to perform Uzbek national art and culture to the world. The film made by our students were showed in international festivals and were awarded of prizes of different levels. Participating in competitions stimulates the students to creative and work on themselves.

   The teachers and competitors take part in international scientific-creative  conferences with their presentations which gives opportunity to pick up new method and use them in education.

   For development of cooperation in science, education, culture and art field on May 27, 2013 has been signed a cooperation treaty with the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts for 5 years. The Treaty aims to develop mutually beneficial research and the exchange of lecturers and students of both educational institutions.

   February 14, 2014 Rector of our institute signed the Cooperation Treaty with the rector of the National University of Arts of Korea Kim Bong Riol Kim. This agreement ensures creation of conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation between both institutions to develop science, education, art and culture fields.

    Institutimiz rektori B. Sayfullayev  va Induk Universiteti rektori doktor Li Vukvon The Rector of the Induk University (Republic of Korea) Dr. Lee Vukvon have visited our institute on February 21, 2014. As the result of a bilateral meeting with rector of our institute B.Sayfullaev the Treaty of Intent has been signed. The Treaty implies the development of future partnership in fields of Art and Culture and academic exchange between both Institutions.

The development of international relations, the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan so far signed ten agreements on cooperation with foreign universities signed artists from five countries. In addition to the above (from Belarus and Korea), educational institutions, and enter into agreements with:

- Azerbaijani State University of Culture and Arts (Azerbaijani)

-Rezeknes high School (Latvia)

- All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography name after. S. Gerasmov (Russia)

- Moscow State Institute of Culture (Russia) -Sankt Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts (Russia)

- Kazan State University of Culture and Arts (Russia)

- Chelyabinsk State Academy of Culture and Arts (Russia)

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