The chair of “Organization and Management of Art and Culture Establishments”

    The chair is headed by Shodiev H.H. The chair of «Organization and Management of Art and Culture» was founded according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the Organization of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan” № 1771 of July 4, 2012.

   The chair «Organization and Management of Institutions of Art and Culture» is the graduating chair of baccalaureate on the «Organization and administration of Establishments of Art and Culture» educational direction and magistracy on the «Management of Art and Culture».

   Nineteen teachers work at the chair: three Doctors of Sciences (M. Bekmuradov, A. Umarov, N.Alikoriev), three Candidates of Sciences (I.Saidahmedov, D. Muhammadiev, D.Yusupalieva), eight senior teachers (A. Urazov,B. Rustamov, N. Shahnazarova, A. Abdullaev, A. Niyazova, B. Yuldashev), three teachers ( Sh. Dusmanov, F. Komilov, A. Turaphojaev).

   The teachers of the chair conduct their lessons combining theory with the practical activities of the institutions of art and culture. Therefore, the highly qualified specialists are involved to work at the chair and practical lessons are conducted on the base of the institutions of art and culture. The chair are working on the complex theme «Role of the Institutions of Arts and Culture». At the chair such disciplines as «Economy in the spheres of arts and culture», «Planning at the Institutions of Arts and Culture», «Business Law», «Skill of Organizing Cultural Events», «Fundamentals of Concert Activities» and others.

   The chair very actively cooperates with museums, amusement parks, houses and palaces of culture and other institutions of arts and culture.

   The teachers of the chair have prepared and issued the following text-books and manuals: «Musicology», «Problems of Stage-directing and Actor Skills», «Social Policy», « Parkology», «Bases of Communicative Culture» and others.