The chair of “Instrumental Performance”
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    Uzbekistan state institute of Arts and Culture was organized according to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov (№ 1771 of 4 June 2012).

    The chair of "Instrumental Performance" was established at the Faculty of "Folk Arts".

    The department conducts its activities in accordance with the law "On education", "Program for Training ", the laws and regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Council of the Institute and Faculty.

    The chair trains bachelors and masters in the performing arts in the field of art and culture.

Fields of study:

5151600 - Folk arts(instrumental leadership team)

5111000 - Professional pedagogical education(5151600 - Folk arts(instrumental leadership team ) .

    The chair consist of :

2 professors , 4 associate professors , 8 senior teachers, 9 teachers,4 leader concertmaster , 4 concertmaster. From number Professional pedagogical structure of chair of M. Matyokubov-is the honored worker of culture of Uzbekistan and "Dustlik" is awarded the order. K.Shermatov, K.Mirzayevhave ranks "The honored artist of Uzbekistan".

    Head of the chair Sobirjon Turdibekovich Turatov .

Days of reception :

Open daily 15.00-17.00 , e -mail: @

    The professor - teaching staff issued the following tutorials (teaching aids) and methodical works :

- IbrohimovN., U. Toshmatov"Class orchestra"tutorial, 2002;

- U.Toshmatov"Folk Song"tutorial, 2002;

- E.Konnova-Musheghyan"Conducting" and "The classensemble"tutorial2004;

- U.Toshmatov"Instrument logy"tutorial, 2004;

- E.Toshmatov, U. Toshmatov"Class ensembles"tutorial, 2006;

- E.Toshmatov"Conducting" textbook 2006, (republished in2008);

- E.Konnova-Musheghyan“Readingscores"and"Instrument logy " tutorial2007;

- B.Azimov, A. Yusupova"SpecialTools" tutorial2008;

- A. Yusupova"SpecialTools" tutorial2008;

- F. Zufarova “The classensemble"tutorial 2008; 
- M. Inoyatov“Uzbekfolk customs and traditions”tutorial 2010, “Tradition offamily ensembles”tutorial 2010;

- S. Turatov “Class orchestra”tutorial 2012;

- M. Gafurov “The classensemble"tutorial 2008;

- E. Toshmatov “SpecialTools"tutorial 2010;

    The professor - teaching staff is actively involved in organizing various celebrations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

   Now on this specialty 48 students are trained. From them 13– on a grant, 35 – on a contract basis.

   Among students there are winners of republican competitions.

   The chair conducts innovative collaboration with the Research Institute of Art . And also , has signed a contract with the " Associated department ," the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan , Tashkent college of culture, Gulistan College of Art, Jizzak College of Art , the Republican variety- circus college.