The Chair of «Musical-theoretical Disciplines»
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  The «Musical-theoretical disciplines» chair was founded in 2012 under the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan. Doctor of Art Sciences, Professor Oqilhon Ibrohimov was appointed as a head of the chair.

  For activization of pedagogical activities Candidates of Art Sciences Davlat Mullajanov, Zulfiya Murodova and Gulshanoy Tursunova as accosiate professors, Ravshanoy Tursunova and Elvira Yafasova as senior teachers, Nasiba Turgunova as a teacher were invited.

  At the chair there are disciplines on three main directions, that include disciplines on the history of music, theory and practice. Highly qualified specialists are involved to teach these disciplines. So « History of World and Uzbek Music» and «The Basis of Maqom» are taught by O. Ibrohimov and Z. Murodova. E.Yafasova and R.Tursunova are teachers of «The Theory of Music, Solfedjio and Harmony». National Artist of Uzbekistan U. Rasulov is a famous teacher and a singer. He teaches «The Classical Music Performance» and «The Styles of Maqoms Performance».

  During the 2012-2013 academic year experienced and qualified teachers became the members of the staff of the chair. Curricula, typical and work educational programs for bachelor and master’s degree were issued. On their bases the musical complexes on 15 educational disciplines were developed.

  Professors and teachers staff of the «Musical-theoretical disciplines» chair 

- Sobir Saidovich Jumaev –Head of the chair.

- Urazali Gafurovich Tasmatov– Professor

- Gulshanoy Tursunova - Candidate of Art Science

- Elvira Usmanovna Yafasova –Senior teacher

- Ravshanoy Artikjanova Tursunova – Senior teacher

- Husnida Rahmonovna Kodirova – Senior teacher

- Shahnoza Imamhodjaeva Ayhhodjaeva – Candidate of Art Science

-  Mohina Fathullaevna Abrorova - Senior teacher

- Darina Ruslanovna Shukurlaeva – Teacher

Educational Disciplines

- History of World and Uzbek Music

- The Bases of Music

- The History of Musical Art

- The History of Music

- The Theory of Music

- Solfedjio

- The theory of Music and Solfejio

- The theory of Music, Harmony and Poliphony

- The theory of Music, Harmony

- Analysis of musical works

- The Bases of Maqom

- Interpretation of folk melodies

- The History of the World music

- The History of Karakalpak music

- The History of Uzbek music