Folk art

    Dean of the faculty - Jumaev SobirThe faculty was founded at the Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture in 2012.

Dean of the faculty "Folk Art" - acting professor, Jumaev Sobir

     The faculty “Folk Art” prepares specialists on the following fields “The directors of folklore collectives”, “The director of a song and dance ensemble”, “The director of instrumental ensemble”, “The director of a vocal collective” for art collectives of the Republic.

     cholgu 01The great contribution in developing this field has been done by such famous artists of Uzbekistan, as, Saodat Yuldasheva, Hayrulla Lutfullaev, Jo’ra Shukurov, O’rozali Toshmatov, O’lmas Rasulov, Orolmirzo Safarov, Qodir Mirzaev, Matluba Dadaboeva, Ahmad Dadaev, Oqil Ibrohimov.

    Today doctors of science professors, candidates, senior teachers and teachers work for the faculty, and among them famous and beloved artists in folk

    xi 04There are following chairs in this faculty:

“Folk art and traditional singing” “Organizing and directing by enterprises of art and culture”, “Pedagogy and psychology”, “Languages and literature”, “Information and natural science”.

         til 03The Faculty prepares bachelors according to the State standarts on following fields:

- Organizing and managing art and cultural institutions.

- The director of folk-ethnographic collectives

- The director of folk songs and dances ensembles

- The director of instrumental collectives

- The director of vocal collectives

- Social-cultural activity.

- Social activity

    At present the folk-ethnographic collective “Chashma”, ensemble songs and dance “Saykal”, ensemble of folk instruments “Fayzinur”, ensemble of the dutor players function under the faculty.

    Artistic collectives of the faculty actively participate in the republican and international contests.