Art of Film, Radio and Television

  In 2012, based on the National Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan formed faculty called "The Art of Film, Radio and Television", in which trains more than 500 students.

 The faculty fulfills its activities guided by the legal documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan, such as: the Law "On Education", "State Program for Training", "Passport" and "State of the Institute and Faculty".

 The mainactivities are focused onfollowingeducationalareas: "Art Criticism ", "Journalism", "Man-induced art", "Direction", wherestudents will betrainedthrough thetrainingin the following areas: "Drama", " Drama theater and filming art ", "Art History Journalism", “Cinematography”, “Sound director of Film, Televisionand Radio”, “Director of Film, Televisionand Radio”.

 At thefacultywith such specializeddepartmentsas"DirectingTelevision andRadio", "Sound directing andSkills of cinematography", "Art Criticismandcultural studies" functions and-the Institute Departmentof "Social and humanities subjects.”. Alongwith the active work offunctioningspecialized departments, students of allareas and specialties ofundergraduate and graduate programs aretaught inpublichumanities andspecialized subjects.

 So the degree of the faculty byfacultyshowsthe presence of8 professors, 14 associate professors,PhDs,18 seniorteachers and 12teacherassistants.

 At facultyfunctions scientific Council,whichinvolves allscientific and creativestaffof specializedchairs.

The Faculty of "The Art of Film, Radio and Television” was organized in 1997 and initially there studied a total 50 students. In 2005, it was renamed as the Faculty of "Art Criticism and man-made art".

 For many years,the Faculty of"Art History and Arttechnogenic" supervisedPhD of art sciences, Associate Professor AbdumannonUbaydullaev,thenPhD,associate professorRamazanovaShoiraRihsibaevna

 Currently,the faculty"The Art of Film, Televisionand Radio"managescandidateof Philosophy, Associate Professor ZoyaAryslanbaevaErnazarovna.

 Over the pastyears the facultycompletelyreorganized itsteachingmethods, scientific, spiritual enlightenmentand educationalactivities.

 To date, facultyrelies on cutting-edge science and the theory andpracticeof building a democraticsociety anda market economy.

 Facultyin order togive special attentionto youngcreative peopleformed abranch of "Working with young professionals"in which teachers, assistants, interns, researchers and graduate studentsinvolved in the creationof new projects ontheir specialtiesin boththe national andinternational scale. The activities of thisdepartmentalso covers theissues of trainingandconduct classesatthe presentrequirements, that is, based on the useof newerand affordableeducational technologyfor teachingcreative people. In this regard, are invitedspecialists with wideexperienceand expertise inthis area. Regularly conductedscientific methodsand workshopsfor young professionalshelpidentifycreative and practicalskillsin almostall areas offunctioning atthe faculty.