The chair of «Physical training»
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    The senior teacher Mamirova Dilaram Tavakulovna is head of the "Physical training» chair.

    Reception hours: Tuesday, Thursday from 14 00 o'clock until 17 00 o'clock. Phone 230-28-41.

    In 2013 for the period of reconstruction in territory of Uzbekistan state institute of arts and cultures are put in operation: pool (the closed type), an athletic field for game in football, an athletic field for games in volleyball, basketball, a sports complex - equipped: an exercise room, a boxing ring, татами, portable volleyball racks and basketball boards, and also a gate. For employment in a subject "Physical training" the sports hall equipped by necessary stock corresponding modern requirements is constructed.

   Teachers of chair spend subjects according to the curriculum in all directions of Uzbekistan state institute arts and cultures.       

    On chair such disciplines, as are read: « Physical training and sports », "Valueology", "Ecology", « Bases of safety of ability to live of the person ».

    The candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer Hatamov Aziz Alimovich is the teacher in a subject "Ecology". The teacher on "Valueology" Pulatova Gulnora Enverovna is the leading expert. The senior teacher, the master of sports on boxing Mavlanov Abdyrauf of in a subject « Physical training and sports »

    For 2012 - 2013 teachers of chair have been published articles:

    Mamirova D.T. “ Health of students », « Physical training in a life of musical professional work », « Development of physical qualities in students - musicians».

    Pulatova G.E. « A role of valueology in development of mankind ».

  On chair “Physical training” preparation of commands for participation in interuniversity competitions, the University game, competitions between faculties among students and teachers is spent. Teachers in subjects ecology and valueology spend spiritually - educational work to after-hour time among students living in a hostel. Each teacher of chair, annually, prepares trained to scientific student's conference.