The chair of “Stage speech”

     The chair of “Stage  speech”  is assigned the responsible problem connected with formation and development in art of word and culture of speech in the Uzbekistan State institute of arts and culture, therefore it enriched since 2011 by new structure and new disciplines.

    Since 2011, the highly skilled expert on scenic speech of M. Khojimatova supervises over the chair of “Stage speech”.

    In 2012 in connection with reorganization of the State institute of arts and cultures are created new typical and working curriculums, manual-methodical complexes.

    On chair besides subjects “Stage speech”, “Art of an alive word”, “Skill of an art word”, to students of a direction national creativity the new subject “Skill of the leader” is entered, that once again proves wide erudition of chair.

    The skilled teacher the candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor A.Nosyrova with the talented students F.Kurbanova and S.Ikramova bring sensible the contribution to strengthening of authority and ability of сhair.

    With the purpose of maintenance the future of faculty the experts working at theatre have been employed, radio and TV, and the young experts who have ended a magisterial degree of institute.

    Talented announcers of the maximum category of Sh. Jusupov, B. Magdiev, directors B. Djalalova, S. Khaitbaeva and others train students a secret of technics of scenic speech, to skill of literary execution and work with a microphone. Trained at skilled teachers and were interested discipline “Stage speech”.

    After the graduation of a magisterial degree’s work U. Ibragimova , D.Zhumanova, F.Saidova, S.Yodirova, S.Adilova with the skilled teachers, bring in the contribution to the decision of the actual problems, facing to chair.