The chair of “Variety and art or public performances”

The Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture was established on the 4th of June in 2012 according to the decree № 1771 of the first President of Uzbekistan I.A.Karimov. The chair of “Variety and Mass Performances” was established on the basis of “Directing” chair of the Tashkent State Institute of Culture named after Abdulla Qodiriy and “Variety and Mass Performances Art” chair of the Uzbek State Institute of Art.

The chair rules his activity related to the Constitution of Uzbekistan, “Law about education”, “National Program of preparing Cadres” and other documents concerned to developing educational quality.

In this chair is prepared high experienced bachelor’s degree and master’s degreein the field of Arts and Culture such as a variety actor’s art and directing of variety and mass performances.

Educational directions and specialists of magistracy:

5111000- Professional education (5150400 – Directing (directing of variety and mass performances)

5150300- Actor’s art (variety actor’s art)

5150400- Directing (directing of variety and mass performances)

5A150301- Actor’s art (variety actor’s art)

5A150401- Directing (directing of variety and mass performances)

The chair consists of academic staff. They are candidate of pedagogic science, professor Baxtiyor Sayfullaev, candidate of theatre art science, professor Marina Yusupova, candidate of pedagogic science, docent Farhod Ahmedov, docent Jahongir Mamatqosimov, candidate of theatre art science, docent Temur Rashidov. Senior teachers: Aleksandr Gamirov, Ilhom Sodiqov, Farruh Egamberdiev. Teachers: Shavkat Rasulov, Nilufar Ahmedova, Shahobiddin Ikromov, Doston Hakimov, Umida Meylibayeva. These Academic Staff conduct their lessons propagandizing national and foreign innovative experiences in educational process by using modern pedagogical methods.

Some of Academic Staff of this chair were awarded. For instant B.Sayfullaevwas awarded with “Honored Culture worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, also was awarded with honorary title “Man of art of the Republic of Karakalpakistan”, D.Hakimov was valued with reward “Etirof”. J.Mamatqosimov won the first place in the Republican competition “The best teacher of the Higher Educational Institution”.

Docent J.A.Mamatqosimov has been a head of chair since 2016.

Academic Staff of the chair take part in all holidays and performances, theatre festivals which are hold on in our Republic.

Nowadays, 139 students and masters study in our educational direction and specialties. There are Republic and International festivity winners and laurites among them. In the chair is carefully paid attention to raising scientific-creative skill of students, so there is a club “Bayram and Zamon” which means “Holiday and Time”.

Besides there is an innovative agreement between the chair, Uzbek State youth theatre, Tashkent State Musical Comedy Theatre, Higher Education, science and development. Moreover, was signed “Joint chair” agreement between Scientific Research Institute of theatre art science and Culture and Art colleges. According to this agreement is done dissertation work (creative), master and doctoral dissertations.

Last years were published amanual in a theme “Actor’s skill” by Sayfullaev B.S., Mamatqosimov J.A, a workbook of methodic named “History and theory of performance” by Sayfullaev B.S., a manual named “Foundation of mass performances directing” by Ahmedov F.E., Yusupova M.R. and others. Besides, were published a workbook named “Stage culture in public holidays direction” by Mamatqosimov M.A. and a text-book named “Methodical recommendations on protecting intangible cultural heritage in the Culture and Art college students by Mamatqosimov J.A. Moreover, Academic Staff of the chair publish their Republican, International scientific articles. J.Mamatqosimov and T.Rashidov is working on their dissertation as independent researcher.