Dramatic art

Dean of the faculty - Anvar Qurbonov   According to the Order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 1771 of June 4 ,2012 the Institute of Arts and Culture was established. One of the faculties of the newly founded Institute is the “Theatre art” faculty. 

Dean of the faculty "Dramatic art" - Anvar Qurbonov

    At present the faculty prepares students on two directions: “Actor Art” (“Art of Dramatic Theatre and Cinema”. “Actors of Variety”) and “Stage Directing Art” (“Directors of Drama”, “Stage Directors of Musical Theatre”, “Directors of Puppet Theatre”, “Directors of Variety and Mass Performances”). Education at the faculty is provided in the full-time form, off-the -job.

   Seven chairs function at the faculty: “Art of Musical, Drama Theatre and Cinema”, “Art of Variety and Mass Performances”, “Art of Puppet Theatre”, “Stage Speech”, “Stage Acting”, “Vocal”, “Physical Culture”. Famous arts and culture workers teach students at our faculty.

      They are: People’s Artists of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shuhrat Abbasov, Turgun Azizov, Erkin Kamilov, Hayrulla Sadiev; Honoured Art Workers of the Republic of Uzbekistan Bahulla Lutfullaev, Jura Mahmudov, Olimjon Salimov; Honoured Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Botir Holmirzaev, Honoured Tutors of Youth Arsen Ismoilov, Munavvar Abdullaeva, Maryam Ashurova, Hamida Mahmudova; Professors Adiba Nosirova, Isoktoy Jumonov, Sherzod Pirmatov, Kodir Mirzaev; Candidates of Sciences Guzal Holikulova, Marina Yusupova, Temur Rashidov, docents Mahsuma Hodjimatova, Shoira Hamidova, Farhod Ahmed, Ramz Kodirov.

    Young pedagogues also work at the faculty. Various seminars and conversations with famous persons, scientific conferences the aim of which is developing theatre art in our Republic are regularly arranged at the faculty.